Universal Implants, Type NHI–1

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The universal implant set NHI–1 has been designed, manufactured and assembled in order to ensu...

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The universal implant set NHI–1 has been designed, manufactured and assembled in order to ensure a successful implantation and, on the basis of embedded implants, reliable dental-orthopedic constructions, bearing in mind the wide variety of bones and anatomico-topographic features of maxilla and mandible of patients.
The NHI–1 implants are characterized by a low-grade conical design and a self-cutting thread with a groove.
The NHI–1 set encompasses 24 implant varieties differing in length (from 8.00 to 15.00 mm) and diameter (from 3.75 to 5.20 mm).
Characteristic features of NHI–1 implants are the three varieties of threads and knife-edges distributed across the implant length.
The elaboration and implementation of such a construction enabled at least the achievement of following aspects:
-less traumatic penetration and smooth osseointegration of implant,
-expansion of the direct contact area implant-bone,
-increase of density and strengthening stability of connection of bone with implant,
-dispersal and more equal distribution of occlusal load on bone.
The cumulative factors promote undoubtedly a successful osteointegration and a reliable functioning of dental-orthopedic constructions on the basis of integrated implants.
The implant insertion technique entails a consistency in the following operations:
-Preliminary bone drilling with thin pilot–drill. This process step is realized either by application of special conical drills or by sequential drilling with a set of cylinder drills with an expanding diameter and a decreasing canal size according to drill sinking,
-Placement of implant into prepared bone bed. This process operation shall be performed by means of applying a reusable detachable implant-driver.

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