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FEATURES25 kg. 50 kg. range. Capacity hour 5-7 tons. Bags + Nylon. Portable sewing machines. (straps...

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Description Single scale single steel-wire silage throat must connect the vacuum packaging machine. Weighing tolerance +/- 2% of our machines are manufactured in housing the floating type and weather conditions, these designs with the desired properties. Weighing in our system, depending on the application as desired programmable inputs and outputs and operating parameters, filling units and holds a total filled quantify the statistics memory, 123mm x 23mm graphic the LCD screen S288, our indicator available with a wide range of applications in industrial automation, panel type metal casing, ready for mounting accessories and boasts easy installation and configuration. meet the green roughage needs will give silage our animals in the winter is very important. Silage reduces feed consumption and labor costs. It is stored for long periods without opening the silage feature. Dried green grass nutrient loss occurs, the loss of nutrients occur in silage is not in question. Silage, dried grass less green space than. There is no risk of fire in the silage. Silage increase the appetite of the animal fodder. Watch for silage-fed animals and milk yields are higher. In terms livestock sector is of great importance coarse animal feed (cobs of corn, sunflowers, cabbage, beet greens, beet pulp, Cereal, meadow grasses, pasture grasses, clover green plants etc.) it is packed.

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