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When a business engages in malpractices, the risk involved cut across a wide range of sectors. If th...

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When a business engages in malpractices, the risk involved cut across a wide range of sectors. If the malpractice is not checked, there is a risk of it becoming malignant and expanding to other businesses as well as various sectors of the economy. Think of a business that sells underweight products to optimize on profits. While the proprietor makes more profits, the client gets a raw deal while other operators risk being pushed out of the market. The most important thing when a malpractice is noted is ensuring that it is reported as immediately as possible. In this post, we outline the best method of complaining about a business.

Reach the point of sale to have the issue addressed

Once you have identified an issue, the first thing to do is reaching the point of sale and reporting about it. You will realize that many companies have taken years to grow while others have a huge reputation they guard with a lot of emphasis. Therefore, you should reach the respective company and report the issue. For example, if the wrong item was shipped to you or the bank deducted more cash than you requested, the issue could have been caused by human or machine error. Such companies will go a long way to ensure that you are satisfied.

Contact the head offices for the respective company

If the point of sale is not willing to address the issue, does not acknowledge it, or is taking too long, the next thing is reaching the highest level in the company hierarchy. For example, most hyper-stores have head offices that have full authorities over their smaller subsidiaries. If you report to them, they could institute a full inquiry.

To make a complaint in such an office, it is important to prepare it appropriately. For example, make copies and attach the receipts, invoices, adverts, images of damaged items, captions of expired labels, and anything else that can support the claim. This is what will be used to address the problem.

Report the business to third parties for the issue to be rectified  

If the respective company structures are not willing to acknowledge the problem or remedy it, it is time you report the issue other authorities. Using the information you have about the complaint, add personal details including contacts so that you can be reached. Then, send the complaint or take it in person to any of the following offices.

(i)                 Better Business Bureau: This is a not-for-profit organization that works towards resolving business issues.

(ii)               The State Attorney’s Office: In every state, there is an attorney who can receive your complaint and act on them. The respective business will be investigated and sued.

(iii)             Other organizations you can report to include the Federal Trade Commission, The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and Federal Drug Authority.

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