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The materials needed to be filled and packed; firstly put in bunker which transfers them directly to...

Ürünü Paylaş:

1.Feeding   Bunker

 It provides  the protection of  materials against the bad wheather conditions and  mixing other foreign matters.

2. Feeding Conveyor Belt

Thanks to the feeding conveyor belt,you can save time.It provides directly transfering materials which is in the bunker to the conveyor unit.


By means of 3 unit loadcell,we can do accurate weighing.

4.Weighing and Filling Unit

This unit provides filling slowly the materials and minimizing harm of the bag thanks to weighing in the bags not in the bunker.When the bag is placed in the scale, by means of sensors in the weighing unit,bag holders close automatically.By the time the bag is reached the targeted weight,weighing process is over and bag holders open automatically again.

5.Bottom Conveyor Band

It provides smoothly transfering of the bag into the closing,sewing and pressing unit.

6.Press Unit

It provides that the packaged material seems very  smoothly by pressing.

7.Vaccum Unit

According to demand of user,by means of vaccum pump whis is set into the machine,the goods remain as fresh as the first day of packing.If the vaccum isn’t necessary for the goods as to the type of product ,you can stop the vaccum unit with the one touch.

8.Sealing/Sewing/Clipping Conveyor

According to user demand,hot sealing,clipping or sewing units can be put.By means of 3-stage heating cords ,it can be provided smoothly closing bags.

9.Control Panel

This unit provides running of  all the systems without misfortune  as well as it helps about how much materials will be weighed,the time of vaccum and pressing.

You can also find out how many bags packed  in the end of day.

10.Air Compressor

It supplies all air necessary for running the machine.

11.Mobil Chasis

Thanks to this device,the compact machine can be removed wherever you find  the electricity.

12.Mechanical Lift Jack

It is for preventing from any damage by immobilizing the machine.

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