wash the sofa

wash the sofa

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wash the sofa cleaning service

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What are the tools used for washing the sofa and how the washing process?
the tools we use for the washing process of the sofa are as follows:

Vacuum extractor is the most important tool in sofa washing process, vacuum evtractor use in washing process as vacuum and rinsing, please listen to information about the use of the following vacuum extractor:
- a tool for vacuuming before the washing process is done. with this process will provide added value for the washing process to get maximum results because the dust on the surface of the sofa is mostly sucked by this tool.
- tool to rinse the dirty foam after the process of washing the sofa is finished with this process we guarantee the quality of cleanliness can be maximum cleaning.
- a tool to help drying on the sofa after completion of the rinsing process, with this process allows the drying level on the sofa will be maximized because it can reduce the level of wetness of the rinsing and washing process which is then sucked as much as possible to reach 85% dry so that for the drying process takes a relatively time fast.

2. Shampoo selfon Mj-Tech With Anti Septic, Brush sponge and clean water sufficiently.

Selfon Mj-Tech shampoo is a special shampoo for washing sofas. water itself is used for mixture of shampoo and sponge for means of scrubbing on sofa washing process. after the process of suctioning the dust is complete, we make a thorough cushion on the sofa on the surface of the sofa with the result of a mixture of water and Mj-Tech selfon shampoo from cuci sofa semarang. and for the means of scrubbing we use a sponge brush. we give the process of rubbing on the surface of the sofa as much as possible. for the creation of a maximum quality of cleanliness.

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