Turkish steel doors

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steel doors model

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    Door sizes will be determined by the discovery of the customer's request.
    Door stiles 1.5 mm profile, which reached 6.5 mm thick nature of the security checkpoint. Wing house was supported by 0,70 mm sheet.
    All metal parts are plated with the desired appearance of wood and glass. Metal cold image and texture of the casing 8mm, has been transformed into a warm and aesthetic appearance using the 8mm wooden wing.
    Thermal acoustic insulation material between the outer surfaces of the furniture inside the wing to wing hair insulation is used.
    Insulating and sealing quality sound, heat, dust and insects is provided insulation.
    service needs of our door lock system is needed only option. In Lock system warranty period is 5 years.
    Lock system has been eliminated in the third round by adjusting the refractive shortage faced two rounds to turn.
    Lock cylinders is maintained by hardened steel armor puncture and damage from the outside.
    providing security lock locking the door at 13 points with the single key is used.
    Doors are standard in quality materials binoculars than 180 degrees, the door handles are used. Different colors and types are implemented as optional accessories.
    Developed by our company in all our steel door Solid System technology is used.

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