Steel Doors

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Warranty Period: 2
Monthly Production Capacity: 1200
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Over high security steel timber coated stainless steel door

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Luxury Steel Door Features:

Oval Twist Molding
Sheet thickness: 1.40 mm sheet,
Hook Monoblock Lock System,
12mm Laminate and Wood Relief (double surface)
16 to 24 cm thick adjustable chassis,
Wing width 9cm,
200 ° C in a static oven painted sheet metal,
1.Quality Satin color accessories (Ottoman or Pipe Handle, Eye Sight, Steel badges)
Osana Knocker (Doorbell)
6 Horizontal Support Profile,
1 Piece Vertical Support Hair,
Selected Brand Seals Class 1 (Wick)

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Standard distinctive features of the model:
Hook Monoblock Lock System,
Sheet thickness: 1.40 mm sheet,
12mm Laminate and Wood Relief (double surface)
Oval Twist Molding (None Standard Model)
6 Horizontal Support Profile (Standard Model 4)

Lock 7 Year Warranty
2 Year Warranty Wood,

Packaging Type:
Double it packed with corrugated cardboard.

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