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ADRES: İSTOÇ 24. ADA NO :80 MAHMUTBEY-BAĞCILARTEL : 0212 659 54 310545 659 54 31

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TEL : 0212 659 54 31

0545 659 54 31

Home and Garden in sector: Özgen Plastik holds in the service and product range of the operator SMALL LEAGUE bysharing exports, foreign trade, and the digital market - online B2B exhibition which is the place on the site are introduced. Turkey products from Turkish manufacturers and producers where there are weighted at the rate, also visited frequently to buy goods and services that companies want B2B e-commerce portal bysharing, however, Furniture, Rubber and Plastics, Home and Garden sectors within Özgen Plastik includes products and services that belong to the company. Özgen Plastik The company that is manufactured by SMALL LEAGUE For more detailed information about the company you should contact. Manufacturer, suppliers, regional dealers, distributors, exporters and importers place on market and they are a combination of online, Home and Garden, Bakeware, Barware, Bathroom Products are located in the sectors. Like you and the companies you are interested in their products and services communicate via the B2B Portal, you can send messages. SMALL LEAGUE The Product Catalog, warranty, and product delivery lead time if you have any certificates about your specific demands Özgen Plastik directly, without mediation through bysharing you can ask.