Silk'n Therapy Device

Silk'n Therapy Device

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Silk'N Therapy Pain Relief Device

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Patented synergy of three energy sources - the solution to your pain

The only FDA-cleared home-use device featuring the patented synergy of 3 energy sources to gain pain relief and help the body heal itself.

3-E powerful technology:

Silk’n Relief uses three different energy sources – each targeting a different depth to relieve pain by treating its source, increasing circulation and accelerating the healing process.*

Bi-polar Radiofrequency (RF) Energy

Deep penetration technology that reaches the muscles and joints and increases blood circulation to treat the source of the pain.*

LLLT Energy

Low Light Laser Therapy to treat muscle spasms.

IR Heat Energy

Light with dual wavelengths - Infra Red (IR) and red spectrum for treating pain and stiffness.

The device uses specific wavelengths and bipolar RF to stimulate the body’s healing mechanisms and increase blood circulation, drawing oxygen and nutrients to the inflicted area. The deep heating creates an optimal healing environment that accelerates tissue regeneration and reduces inflammation, muscle aches, stiffness and pain. The therapeutic effects may also include muscle relaxation and an improved range of motion. 

It’s an excellent solution for a wide range of injuries and conditions including sports and exercise injuries, acute pain and trauma, chronic or ongoing pain and everyday aches.
Silk’n pain relief device comes with Slider Gel – a conductive gel applied to the skin for proper delivery of the treatment that also has the benefit of allowing the device to move smoothly over the treatment area.

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