ScanmasterGRT Walk Through Metal Detector

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8 Parallel Overlapping Detection Zones High-Performance Multi-Zone Walk-Through Metal Detector SCANM...

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8 Parallel Overlapping Detection Zones
High-Performance Multi-Zone 
Walk-Through Metal Detector SCANMASTER/GRT

DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Technology with high-speed processors in use
High Sensitivity, 8 Parallel Overlapping Detection Zones
- Adjustable sensitivity settings for each distinct parallel overlapping detection zones
- Can detect even small metal objects at high sensitivity levels
- Strong interference filtering circuitry and software to prevent false alarms
- Audio and Visual Alarm Indicators
- 4x20 Blue Backlight LCD and Fonts in White Color
- Menu languages in English, French and Turkish (other languages are optional)
- Zone Alarm LEDs on one side panel from top to bottom
- Tri-color Metal Density Display LED Indicators on the Control Unit
- Green/Red Traffic Through Indicators at the entrance side of the WTMD
25 Security Levels (5 Standard, 20 Programmable), 0-999 Adjustable Sensitivity Steps at Each Security Level
6 Digit IN/OUT Traffic Counter, Alarms count automatically
- Power Connector on Control Unit at top and on One Side Panel for power connection from bottom or top
Electromechanical Hardware Key for access to Menu and 4 Digit Password Protection
- Both RS 485 and RS 232 Ports to Connect to a PC (Software Optional)
Relay Output to provide dry contact at alarm state so as to enable the WTMD to integrate to a security system
Automatic Operation Channel Selection Feature enabling interference free operation of multiple WTMDs in close vicinity without the need for any manual adjustments
- Green/Red Operation State Indicators at the exit side of the WTMD (Green: Proper Operation Red: Failure)
Built-in Battery Back Up System for continuous operation of min. 2 hrs. against electricity cut offs (Optional)
- Settings of the WTMD does not change when the WTMD is Turned Off or Electricity will be cut off
USB Port on WTMD Keypad to collect statistical info or Machine Cloning
IRDA Pilot Remote Controller for WTMD Settings (Optional) Settings can be either managed through the keypad or the Pilot Remote (Pilot Remote is Optional)
GRT (Gun Reveal Technology) Our unique feature enables a different sensitivity level other than the General Sensitivity Level of the WTMD to enable the WTMD Deliver wireless signals to a carry on GRT Gun Alert Module which provides Vibrating Gun Alerts to the Security Staff. Vibrating and/or Visual LED alarm indicators automatically alert the operators for high risk visitors. (GRT Module is Optional)
- Zone LED Indicators both at the Entrance and Exit sides of the WTMD (Optional)
- Equipment is designed and produced for indoor environment operations
Robust Design, MDF Side Panels, Aluminum U Profiles, Sliding LED Cards and Semi Transparent LED Covers, Metal Control Unit Casing
- ABS Plastic Protective Footers and Covers on Top
- Safe for wearers of pacemaker, pregnant women and magnetic storage media. Very Low Frequency Operation.
- Can be assembled in approximately 20 minutes

Technical Parameters

Power:AC90V - 250V, 50HZ - 60HZ

Consumption:< 30 W

External Dimensions:2240 mm (h) * 880mm (w) * 550mm (d)

Passage Dimensions:2000mm (h) * 760mm (w) * 550mm (d)

Color:Side Panels: White Control Unit: RAL 7035 Grey
LED Cover: Semi Transparent White
Zone LED’s: RED Power LEDs

Gross Weight:~78 KG

Operation Temperature:between -20 ° C and +70 ° C

Standards:ISO 9001: 2008 Registered Manufacturer,
CE Certified
Unmatched Detection Sensitivity Spectrums

ORIGIN: TURKIYE (EU Preferential Origin) 
Note: Basic features of our WTMDs are as listed above and we reserve the right to make changes prior to announcing. Please refer to our offer for Features and optional accessories of our WTMDs at time of your orders.

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