Rose Jam 670 g

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Minimum Order Quantity: 100
Warranty Period: 24
Monthly Production Capacity: 4000
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Glass Jar Rose Jam

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Jam as a kind of sweeet food is based on getting smell from fruits. The thing that was known about jam is its spreading around the world from middle-east. When the emperor of Persian Empire Darius occupied India, his soldiers told that they found a kind of "red honey straws without bees" in 510 BC. In the beginning, sugarcanes were a kind of miraculous plant those were protected by soldiers. On 7th century, Arabic people solved the secret of sugarcane and they began to plant sugarcanes in North Africa and Southern Spain. They also discovered to boil sugarcanes with fruits and eat them. On 16th century, the Spnaish explorers discovered the fruits those were conserved for a long time in Western India. The oldest recipe of jam in our history is rose jam that was produced in Mevlevi dervish lodges.

Category: Jam Group
Product Code: G.160
Barcode: 8692134779116
Dead Weight: 250 gr
Gross Weight: 300 gr
Outer Package: Shrink Film
Cart. Dimension: 34,5 x 17 x 13 cm
Carton Weight: 3.600 gr
Prod. in Carton: 12
Carton in Pallet: 150 parcels
Shelf Life: 12 month
Keeping Conditions: Keep away sunshine and store in cool and dry places

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