Refrigerated Air Dryer | Gold Star Series

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ANNAIR has developed another most efficient range of Refrigerated Air Dryer series called Gold Star....

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Annair Drychill developed an efficient range of Refrigerated air dryer called gold star series.This high efficient Dryer module can deliver constant dew point at varying load conditions. Main features are:

·         Tube in Tube & Tube/shell type Exchangers

·         Hot gas by pass valve with precise mechanical adjustment for constant dew point.

·         Built with system protectors for electrical & refrigeration systems

·         CFC free, eco friendly refrigerant used.

·         Automatic operation, user friendly & compact size

·         Low power consumption

·         Compact design, requires less floor space, Microprocessor as option

·         Range from 300 CFM to 2000 CFM capable to work up to air temperature of 55˚C

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