Potato Planter

Product Id: 190034
Gtip: n/a
Minimum Order Quantity: 2
Warranty Period: 24
Monthly Production Capacity: 20
Payment Type: L/C, Other

Super Automatic, Two Rows

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  • PD260/PD260-2/PD262/PD262- 2 Potato Planter Machines were designed for planting whole potato seeds in a swift and more professional manner for bigger sized fields.
  • If the model with seed dressing system is prefered, while the planting process, seed are dressed at the same time, automatically.
  • 4 Different Pots Selection are supplied for the excellent planting.
  • Plantation is performed automatically without any worker assistance.
  • Plantation distance on rows can be adjusted by using the gears on the machine.
  • The amount of plantation on each row is the same.
  • The furrows created are at equal distances to each other.
  • As the planting operation is easy and faster, it enables time-saving.
  • Ploughshares made of a special heat-treated steel are resistant against wearing.


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