Portable Flush Toilet

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Minimum Order Quantity: 5
Warranty Period: 36
Monthly Production Capacity: 100000
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portable restroom

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Toppla is an professional portable restroom manufacturer in China.
With rotomolding technology, totally different from injection toilets in quality. Water tank is 160L and waste tank is 290L, the biggest one in the world. Very easy to install, only screw driver and wrench needed. One unit can be finished within 30 mins by 2 people, installation instructions and videos are also provided. Special design enables the product to be moved by forklift and crane directly.
Size: 1100*1100*2300 mm.
Weight: 110 KG.
Water tank: 160 Litre.
Waste tank: 290 Litre.
Standard accessories: Mirror, Doorknob, Hook, Paper holder, Basin, Water pump, Flush Pump, Vent.
Optional accessories: Urinal, Valve, Soap dispenser, Light, Exhaust Fan, Solar Light.
Warranty: 1 year for the pump and 6 years for the other parts.
TOPPLA TPT-H01 seated type portable toilet is very welcome by toilet rental company used for some temporary activity such as mass gathering, outdoor wedding, sports meeting and so on. TPT-H01 seated type portable toilet can be used for a long time, and you do not need to consider the fresh water infusing and waste discharging because of the large volume of the water tank and the waste tank. 

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