Organic Worm Management

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It increases the water holding and ventilation capacity of the soil due to its organic content. Than...

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It increases the water holding and ventilation capacity of the soil due to its organic content.

Thanks to the body fluids (sodom liquid) that the worms have had in the fertilizer, it gives resistance to the pathogens in the plants.

In the digestive system of worms, there are numerous microorganism-bearing bacteria, nitrogen-fixing bacteria, and natural growth hormones and enzymes that will produce antibiotic effects and pass through feces or fertilizer and provide speed and resistance to growth in plants.

The high organic matter in the contents accelerates the fringing in the plant roots.

Organic 100% Worm Gauge improves the texture of the soil as it increases the organic matter content of the used soil.

The high organic matter in the interior contains phosphorus, potassium, iron, zinc, etc. which are not used by the plant due to the high pH in the soil. It facilitates the uptake by the plant by making the plant nutrients soluble in the soil.

The high organic content in the interior saves fertilizer because it prevents plant nutrients from being washed away.

Organic 100% worm fertilization results in successful results when the time and amount of use for all plants is varied with the soil structure, climate factor and plant variety, and is generally mixed with the soil before sowing and planting.

It improves the physical structure of the soil, enhances the soil plant nutrients and humus. It makes the cultivation suitable by arranging the acidic sandy soil.

Because the elements in its content are slowly dissolving, the plant provides long-term nutrition.

Organic Worm Balance is odorless.

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