Organic Liquid Worm Manure 1.000 liters

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Rivo ® organic liquid worm is offered to the environment friendly consumers in our special packa...

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Rivo ® organic liquid worm is offered to the environment friendly consumers in our special package of 1L, 5L, 20L.

This high efficiency of mek Rivo liquid worm manure uc can be achieved with nano technology and hydrodynamic water treatment methods.

Rivo liquid worm manure is derived from vermicompost (solid worm dung).

Rivo liquid worm manure is obtained at the molecular level by the hydrodynamic cavitation system and Nanotechnology of the primary worm humus and is obtained by binding to the molecules of the water.

During the process, the aerobic and anaerobic bacteria contained in the worm humus pass to the dormancy. Bacteria in sleep state are reactivated by mixing the product with water at the time of use.

Hydrodynamic cavitation and nanotechnology with vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, microelements and micro humate molecules in the humus humus are chelated and the microhumic molecule composition is formed.

In This compound, which can be easily absorbed by the plant, helps to feed the plant in a balanced manner.

Rivo liquid worm manure contains useful microorganisms with organic substances, macro and micro nutrients, amino acids, enzymes, natural antibiotics, which are essential for the growth and development of plants.

Rivo liquid contains 1x106 - 1x1012 useful bacteria in worm manure.

Rivo is a good fertilizer as well as a valuable soil improvement material that can be used safely in terms of health and environment as well as providing high quality and efficient products with liquid worm fertilizer technology.

Rivo liquid worm manure increases the nutrients and vitamin content in addition to yield in harvested products. Extends the shelf life of the products.

Rivo liquid worm manure can be used easily in field plants, fruit trees, vegetable plants, greenhouses, landscaping areas, nurseries.

Kiler Safe for people, plants and animals.

Rivo liquid worm manure can be applied easily with both leaf and drip irrigation systems.

Can be used safely in all kinds of products. The rate of application may vary according to the type of plant. Although overdose has no detrimental effect on the plant, it is recommended to use the appropriate ratios in the given tables.

Adır Our product does not have any toxic effects on plants, animals and humans.

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