Operating Room Tables

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STR Operating Room Tables

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STR 2000F
Optional Features:
• C – arm fluoroscopy for more efficient use of the device, one-piece leg portion, the header portion of the modified feature
One-piece leg SECTION, when you are prompted the head portion, the head portion of the leg section can be added to the system
• The head of the Table 30 cm in the direction of the foot to be able to slide back and forth (Sliding) feature
(This feature is given in the standard model ERM 2000f.)
• Manual or electro – hydraulically by moving elevators that can rise and kidney 12 cm,
• Electro – hydraulic brake system,
• Special safety catch device for the fall of the accessory rail,
• Visco – elastic mattresses kit
• 2-Piece backrest,
• Hand control safety system to prevent incorrect use.

Standard Accessories:

ERM 127: Polyurethane Cushion Kit

1 team

ERM 107: Identify Body Belt


ERM 105: support arm


ERM 101: Serum Strap


ERM 104: Shoulder Support


ERM 102: Anesthesia Frame


ERM 108: knee support


ERM 103: waste facility


ERM 106: body support


ERM 129: hand control


120 ERM: Arm Belt


ERM 109: accessory Clamp


ERM 110: accessory Clamp (Turning)


ERM 121: Bacaklik Belt


Optional Accessories:

ERM 118: one piece Leg Section

ERM 112: Orthopedic traction system

ERM 111: Studded title and Pose. Connective.

ERM 113: Bracelet

ERM 119: accessory rail Safety catch system

ERM 124: Accessory Stand

ERM 117: Proctology Support

ERM 126: visco elastic Mattress Set

ERM 114: ‘U’ - type Section Header

ERM 114: x-ray cassette Holder

The ERM 115: Kidney Elevators

ERM 122: Silicon head support

ERM 123: Silicon body support

ERM 128: Radiographic desktop set

ERM 125: Shoulder Arthroscopy set

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