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portable toilets cabin

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China Portable Toilet Cabin Manufacturer offers all kinds of portable toilets.
TOPPLA provides different kinds of walls for your choice. 30mm double-skin walls are good options for construction sites. The smooth appearance allows customers to paste posters.
Size: 1100*1100*2300 mm.
Weight: 134 KG.
Water tank: 160L.
Waste tank: 280L.
Standard accessories: Metal base, Mirror, Doorknob, Hook, Paper holder, Basin, Water pump, Flush Pump and Vent.
Optional accessories: Urinal, Valve, Soap dispenser, Light, Exhaust Fan, Solar Light.
Warranty: 1 year for the pump and 6 years for the other parts.
TPT-H03 is a flushable seated type toilet, which has a metal base at the bottom and is  popular in Australian construction sites.
TOPPLA TTP-H03 is a kind of portable toilet which has metal base and is very welcome by construction sites. Metal base enables the toilet to be used even on the rough ground.

TPT-H03 metal base seated type portable toilet adopts HDPE material and rotomolding production progress, which is totally different from injection toilets when it comes to quality.
Water tank is 160L and waste tank is 280L, which is the biggest one in the world.
It is very easy to install. Only screw drivers and wrenches are needed. One unit can be finished within 30mins by 2 people. Installation instructions and videos are also provided. Special design enables the toilet to be moved by forklifts and cranes directly.

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