Nitrogen Generator

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Nitrogen generating system

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ÖZAK PSA type nitrogen generator is the fruit of a 2-year extensive research and development work and operates on the proven PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technique which can produce up to 99,999% pure nitrogen economically. It is designed for maximum performance and reliability and is tested extensively in actual industrial operating conditions for perfection. Consequently its operating cost is very low. It is built with highest quality components available in the market and is virtually maintenance-free.

ÖZAK PSA type nitrogen generator produces nitrogen from compressed air. Nitrogen molecules, which constitute 78% of air, are separated from oxygen and argon molecules by a material called carbon molecular sieve (CMS).

The same nitrogen generator can produce nitrogen at various purities but its production capacity and efficiency (nitrogen/air ratio) is inversely proportional to purity, ie as purity goes up, production capacity goes down and specific air consumption goes up. For this reason it is very important to correctly determine the purity you really need as this will effect your investment and operating cost directly. For example, 98% - 99% purity is sufficient for tank blanketing while nuts packaging necessitates 99,5% - 99,9% and laser cutting 99,9% - 99,99%. If you ask for a purity higher than what you really need, you will get a bigger generator with higher cost and nitrogen it produces will cost more since it will use more air.

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