NC hydraulic press brakes

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Warranty Period: 24
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Most suitable machines for serial bending with single bending angle.

Low investment cost.
Low energy consumption.
Ease of Use.
Ease of maintenance.


Standard Features

X-axis control.
Manual Y-axis adjustment.
Control unit - touch screen.
Back gauge - motor, linear guide ways and ball screw mechanism.
Forearm - base plate mounted.
Hydraulic cylinders - Double cylinder
Hydraulic valve block - world class valves
Electrical panels - world class electric components.
Optical barrier for finger protection with CE conformity.
Upper tooling - P1010, segmented, promecam connection type
Lower tooling - 60x60, 4 V channel, 6-10-12-16 mm channels


Optional Equipment

R-axis control.
Servo-controlled X and Y axis.
Free fall feature of the ram.
Motorized precise angle adjustment stopper.
Different brands of safety barriers conforming CE standards.
Security switches on side and back covers.
Longer length of front arms.
Sliding front arms.
Backgauge - additional finger blocks.
Manual crowning.
Quick release clamping.
Hydraulic oil cooler or heater.
Special throat depth.
Overseas special packaging and lubricating before shipment.

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