Morel Mushroom

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The Turkish delightful morel mushrooms have a unique tastes in the mushrooms of the other region, wh...

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They are usually found in forests, either individually or in small groups. From the end of February to the beginning of June you can find different types of fresh morel mushrooms in many parts of Turkey. The lack of rainfall in the spring months affects negatively.

Turkey has a total of 800 tonnes of exports, mostly in Europe, and is frozen, as well as a fresh morel mushroom market. Quality in dried production is always Turkish morel mushroom, and there are also several rival parts that supply larger quantities to the markets.

An important item of the French cuisine is the morel mushroom, which is a tasty species of economic value and preferred by many gourmets.

Dried morel mushrooms are the most delicious and popular mushrooms in our mushroom fan. The taste does not resemble other mushrooms, it has an aromatic taste that is delicious meat, like earth or hazel. It exhibits its aromatic properties best in cream or wine sauce and pasta.

The Turkish delightful morel mushrooms have a unique tastes in the mushrooms of the other region, which are heavily laid-back. Fresh, frozen and dried options are available.

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