Meat Shredding Machine

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Primarily our meat shredding machines are designed to give the product the "pulled pork" look. Howev...

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Meat Shredding Machine Function & Applications
1. Multi-use: available for many kinds of fresh meat processing like pork, chicken, beef,etc.
2. Meat can be cut into slice for once, cut into strip twice, cut into cube for three times.
3. There is one set of blade totally.
4. Wide-application: a best choice for barbecue shops, restaurants, hotels, school canteens, and some other meat processing industries, etc.
5. Easy to move by moving wheel; safe to operate by safety-protecting switch.
6. Made of stainless steel: sanitary, easy cleaning and long service life.

Meat Shredding Machine Use Precautions

▶ Before processing: the power supply should be equipped with leakage protector and the earth wire should be connected well; the bone scraps in fresh meat should be removed; the frozen meat should be defrozen first; meat should be cut into pieces with proper size for the feed inlet.

▶ During processing: do not press the meat when feeding them into the machine in case the cuter hurts your hands.

▶ After processing: clean meat scraps on the cutter and greasy in the machine with hot water, and then dry by airing.

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