Meat Grinding Machine

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Our meat grinder is to process meat after cut into slices or small pieces, grinding them into meat g...

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Meat Grinder Introduction
Our meat grinder is to process meat after cut into slices or small pieces, grinding them into meat granules of different sizes according to different process requirements, which can be the pre-work for bowl cutting and mixing. And this meat grinding machine is an ideal equipment for meat products processing industries.

Meat Grinder Application
♥ For various frozen meat (the small frozen meat pieces can be processed without cutting before), fresh meat, chicken carcass, duck carcass, pork-skin, beef-skin, fishes, fruits and vegetables, etc.
♥ For sausage, ham sausage, luncheon meat, meat ball, savory flavoring, pet food and other meat product industries.
♥ For hotel, school, restaurant, meat processing industry and other food service business.