LSA150 TV and Lamp Pack

LSA150 TV and Lamp Pack

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Solar Powered LSA150 TV and Lamp Pack

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This system is a television and lamp package. A feedback package designed to generate electricity with solar energy. With this system, hobby can be used in garden, spring, fattening farm, dairy, slaughterhouse, mobile lab and observation houses, fire halls. Free electricity from the sun. Solar energy panel systems.

System features
150 Watt Solar Panel
100 Ampere Gel Battery
300 Watt Inverter
10 Amper LCD Screen Regulator
Battery Box and Panel Apparatus
Solar Cable and MC4 Socket Set

Which System Does This System Run?
At Least 8 Hours 1 Piece Between 55 and 81 screen LED TV
At least 6 Hours 4 Pcs Led Bulb
Phone and Tablet Charger

TV, satellite receiver and LED lamps are not included in the price.

VAT is not included.

Shipping and installation is not included.

For Installation please click here for our prices: 0312 259 33 33

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