Liquidamber Orientalis

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Liquidamber Orientalis Oil

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Sıgla (Günlük tree, Liquidambar orientalis ) which is an endemic plant species is grown in the districts of Fethiye, Ula, Köyceğiz of Muğla city.Sığla oil obtained from Günlük tree is a good antiseptic and antiparasitic. It is useful in skin diseases like scabies and fungal. İt is also used in the treatment of gastric diseases, respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis.Sığla oil is very important economically. İ t is used as fixators in perfumery, in cosmetics, in the odour of soaps, in the preparation of some drugs, in the flavored of chewing gum and tobacco, also it is used as natural sources of chemicals such as cinnamic acids and cinnamic alcohol. Neutral essential oil which is obtained from sığla oil by steam distillation is entered to the composition of many valuable natural scents of perfume.
Antioxidant properties of sığla oil that is contained cinnamic acid have been revealed by scientific studies.

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