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Jaw crushers reduce large rocks or ore by means of compression. Mechanical pressure is applied using...

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Wide range of crushing for soft to very hard materials. For various materials, crushing efficiency is increased by different jaw types.


The optimal-angle toggle plate generates extra crushing force and at the same time provides security for the drive system.


Manganese steel casting side liners provide resistance against abrasion.


Ductile cast-iron flywheel (GGG-60 quality).


The closed side setting can be adjusted using shim plates with hydraulic power.


Reversible high manganese cast steel jaw plates. Different profiles are available for different rock types.


Low-carbon steel welded body with heat treatment for stress relief.

Precision-machined, drop-forged, heat-treated Cr-Si-Mn-Mo SAE 4140 (42Cr, Mo4) steel eccentric shaft. The larger eccentricity of pitman shaft provides a motion that pulls the material to the bottom of the jaw plate.

Spherical, self-aligning roller bearings, straight-bore pitman bearings and tapered-bore body bearings provide maximum strength to the pitman shaft and bearings for a long extended maintenance life.

With their special design that provides high efficiency and low operation costs, Meka jaw crushers are truly beneficial to your company.

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