Jacketed Kettle

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We have two kinds: Steam Jacketed Kettle and Electric Jacketed Kettle. All the parts that touch the ...

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Introduction of Jacketed Kettle
Jacketed Kettle is the ideal equipment for cooking and boiling food materials like meat. All the parts that touch the food material are made of high-quality stainless steel which is in accordance with GMP standards. 

The Structure of Jacketed Kettle
boiler body, stir device, tilting system, worm wheel, worm rod and the boiler body which can rotate within 90 degree.

Application of Jacketed Kettle
1. Jacketed Kettle is widely used in the food processing of pot-stewed meat, confectionery, pharmacy, canned food, dairy, alcohol, pastry, etc.
2. It also can be used in large restaurant and canteen to make soup, stew vegetables or meat, and make porridge and so on.

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