ins makina 100 m3 hour mobile concrete batching plant

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ins mobile concrete batching plant

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INS PRO 100 BS Mobile Concrete batching plant produced with 3000/2000 liters twin shaft, single shaft and pan  mixers. Have a capacity to produce 100 m³/h vibrated Concrete. Pro 100 is the most featured mobile concrete plant in the sector with its add-ons and differences. Can be used with ramp feding system or pre-feeding system


AGGREGATE BUNKER  Tanks: 4x15 m3 Total Volume : 60 m3
CEMENT SILO  Capacity:100 tons –2 unit (can optionally be bolted) 
CEMENT SPIRAL CONVEYOR  2 Unit, Size : Ø 273 mm x 12000 mm  WAM
CEMENT SILO EQUIPMENTS  Upper and Lower Level Meters          WAM
AGGREGATE WEIGHING MACHINE  4 m3 Load cell : 4 x 5000 kg,           ZMC(HOLAND)
TRANSSIT MIKSER LOADING BAND Size: 1 Unit   1000x16000 mm.
CEMENT WEIGHING TANK Weighing Capacity:1100 kg,Load Cell:1000 kgx3, ZMC(HOLAND)
WATER WEIGHING TANK Weighing Capacity:700 kg,Load Cell:1000 kgx2, ZMC(HOLAND)
ADDITIVE TANK Weighing Capacity:50 kg  ,Load Cell:100 kg , ZMC(HOLAND)
AIR VALVES BOARD MAG, Compressr   500 LT Volume,
SILO TOP FILTER (2 UNITS) 24 m²  Cylindrical Body,Pressure Tube,Imported 4 cartridge filter
COMMAND CABIN  1 Unit, 2.4 x 3 x 2.5 m
AGITATOR 2 m3  Capacity
AGITATOR OPTIONS Single Shaft Type,planet type,pan type,double shaft type

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