Glulam Engineered Beam (planed girdertruss)

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::PLANED BEAM & PROFILED TIMBER S4S (surfaced 4-side) GLULAM & dry wall construction lumber ...

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::PLANED BEAM & PROFILED TIMBER S4S (surfaced 4-side) GLULAM & dry wall construction lumber finished production units (Industrial Engineered Woodworking of Russian Federation by EU/EN production origin & quality certification standards)::
**Dear client & customer of wooden prefabricated housing structures, please notice our present business proposal of offering to you directly the original certified Russian Manufacturing capacity of all types Cylinder Log & Glue-laminated Timber (or even DRY massive timber @ cheaper cost) of Walls Set Completion in a Wooden Houses’ Prefab Kits Design-Project (shipment sets of construction materials) & RUN.MTR semi-fabricated sawn LUMBER (dry board) or even DÉCOR MOLDING/TRIM S4S (surfaced 4-side) dry planed facing lumber-board :: as a complete industrial production made from best technical northern softwood species of Russia (pine, spruce, larch, cedar) affordable instantly @ lower retail prices worldwide. Ready-made design project models of different architect types’ wooden houses are to be shipped at your order destination in duly-packed transportation sets of housing structural materials (as by standard sea-cargo 40ft container load) per a regular commercial contract on the prepayment/advance settlement basis by Buyer as directly been sent & received from Russia only.
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=BUILDING SETS of glue-laminated & dry wall construction LUMBER as ^^(A) GLULAM Timber Profiled Wall Completion Units & (B) GLULAM Beam Planed Engineered Structures Completion Units & (C) MASSIVE Beam Planed Building Structures Completion Units from RUSSIA (export)=

=GLULAM beam engineered structures of industrial non-residential building design-projects per 500 USD/ of precise planed glue-laminated girders/trusses=
++ALL prices are true & fair discountable from the official commercial rates on export by NR (non-resident) corporate shipment contracts & are to be duly reduced off final values of wood lumber materials by VAT 18% double-taxation avoidance preference/comfort++
::prefab sets of DESIGN-PROJECT (CUB.MTR) glulam wall construction lumber in bulk/wholesale order OR per DESIGN-PROJECT volume/capacity::
=by Pallada Eco Blockhaus GmbH, Moscow Russia, Mr.Svyat Sytin +7(926)444-4862 or e-mail

Glulam Engineered Beam (planed girder/truss), which is manufactured by Pallada Eco Blockhaus GmbH Moscow Russia, is located in Timber sector in B2B import export portal Compnay Pallada Eco Blockhaus GmbH Moscow Russia's products and services include Glulam Timber Prefab Homes Sets, Cylinder Log Prefab Homes Sets (natural moisture), Dry Timber Prefab Garden Cabins Sets which can be found under sectors Timber. You may contact Pallada Eco Blockhaus GmbH Moscow Russia in order to obtain detailed information related to Glulam Engineered Beam (planed girder/truss). You can get more information about companies that operate on exportation, importation, production and distribution of Glulam Engineered Beam (planed girder/truss) on out page. You can convey your special queries on warranty period, delivery conditions, unit price of Glulam Engineered Beam (planed girder/truss) through bysharing. Additionally, you can browse Aluminum Composite Panels, Balustrades and Handrails, Bathroom compaines located under Construction and Real Estate sector.