Frozen Food Weigher

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 The packing industry is committed to keeping food fresh and safe from contamination throughout...

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The packing industry is committed to keeping food fresh and safe from contamination throughout processing and delivery. For refrigerated products, proper packaging is crucial to keeping them fresh and able for consumer consumption.

Food industry production of businesses, in choosing a packaging machine manufacturers, should pay attention to its function and performance, whether can be regular maintenance and inspection equipments safety and hygiene conditions, for packaging material selection, also attaches great importance to the choice of safety and health standard. Healthy production line, to provide customers with the psychological security, more comfortable buying has been packaged food.

Plastic packaging is a simple, cost-effective method for storing and preserving fresh food and other products. Lightweight yet durable enough to store sharp objects without being punctured. While a plastic bag sealing machine is typically used in the food industry, it has been used in the packing industry for many years.


1.Compliant with IP64 and ant-condensation requirement.

2.More available combinations by using enhanced calculation software.

3.Various embossed surface design for different products.

App licati n sample: 

Prawn, dumpling, Chinese pastry (Dim sum) , processed vegetables , French fries ... performing in low temperature or moist environment.

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