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Monthly Production Capacity: 11500
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Flag production

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Sanliurfa Altek Flag as the production of the Turkish flag. The flag is called the fabric alpaca. Turkish flag fabric 110-130 gr weft and textured polyester and staple fiber yarns are used.

Fabricated by fabrication. It has the ability to pass wind. According to the size of the Turkish flag size is more than 50%. The washing instructions of the Turkish flag are set at 30%.

Turkish flag edges are manufactured with double stitching. It is gelatinized and boxed as ALTEK FLAG. pieces in our company are available as li. In general, institutions, organizations, buildings, schools, flag poles, meetings, holidays, openings, guest encounters, ceremonies, shows and events and similar places are used. ALTEK BAYRAK, is the first principle of customer satisfaction. 40 * 60 cm Turkish flag is produced by our experienced staff carefully while producing first-class quality. Our company is responsible for any problem caused by our products after delivery. You can reach us to listen to the problems and solve them 

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