Fingerprint Device

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Fingerprint Reader (Biometric) Technical Specifications Power Input:   9V DC Power Consumption:...

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Fingerprint Reader (Biometric)

Technical Specifications

Power Input:



Power Consumption:


4 W



ABS, coating or dyeing



125 x 150 x 45 mm

Operational Temperature:


(-20), (+50) C




Data Rate:


115.200 Bps

Relay Output:


Single-contact relay output connected to an external relay card is used. Maximum current capacity for inter-contacts is 1 A. Relay time can be set or cancelled between 1 and 9 seconds by user.



With its built-in lighting feature, 128 x 64 Graphic Display used for the reader provides maximum visibility under illuminated or non-illuminated conditions. Graphic Display also supports visual messages and use of logo. All ASCII characters defined on your PC can be displayed as an image on LCD.



Reader addresses and communication speed (data rate) are adjustable. Up to 250 readers can be connected to each communication port online.

The Gate is open and personnel passed info:


With two different input ports available on the device, information concerning the gate status or whether anyone has passed through the turnstile is transferred to the control software.

Language Support:


Two user-selectable languages are supported as default. With the help of a PC software, user messages can be defined in all languages.

Logo Support:


128 x 64 black and white bmp files prepared by the user can be uploaded onto the device. This feature allows personalization of the device according to the user options.

Data Information:


Each reader can save up to 180,000 access records. Each record containing personnel card number/fingerprint registration number, card type, time ( and date (day/month/year) information can be read on request with the help of a PC.

Warning Message:


All user messages can be supported by graphics. This special feature, therefore, considerably shortens perception and consequent reaction times for the appearing messages.



3 optional I/Os available on the device can be used for any purpose as needed.

Special Design:


With its unique design, this system offers a decorative appearance for both indoors and outdoors.



2 years

Technical Service:


Expert quality, fast and continuous technical support.

Operational Frequency:


13,56 MHz

Response Rate:


400 ms

Reading Distance:


10 cm. (max.)



When the device is connected to the PC, it works online. If the device is disconnected from the PC for any reason or there is some other communication problem, it resumes operating offline according to its preset parameters. Upon restoring PC connection, the system resumes to work online. Meanwhile operational entries performed on the device are transferred to the PC. If preferred, the device can be set to operate in online mode only.



AD Blackfin 536



3MB (archive and software)

New Fingerprint Registration Time:


1 second (per reference fingerprint)

Fingerprint Comparison / Verification:


1 sec.

Fingerprint Size:


Maximum 256 Bytes (minutia matching), 6 Byte Header and 4 Bytes for each minutia - easily adjustable to DIN V66400 compact format (161 Bytes); 4 KB (minutia correlation matching)

User Capacity:


2000, 1MB( 3 references per user)

ESD Tolerance:


15 kV

Sensor Type:


Capacitive, industrial.

Sensor Field:


208 X 288 pixels, 508 dpi

Sensor Standards:


The product has been approved by FBI IQS/GSA via FIPS 201 standards. It is also accepted by (CJISRS-0010(V7) RoHS.

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