Dunnage air bags

Dunnage air bags

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PP Dunnage air bags

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Ozdal Group is established in  1994 a  county of city called Maraş in Turkey ..it started its production with Poly wowen fabric and Sacs for the industrial usage . Ozdal group has opened a brunch in Istanbul in 2015 to manufacture Poly wowen Dunnage air bags .Since then it manufactures more then 3 million bags and export to USA ,Holland ,Germany,Finland,Ivory ,Ghana
The most convenient and cost effective way to protect your goods from damage during shipping. Avoid accidents using the safest, easiest, and environmentally friendly method and product for the transportation of your valued goods.
Standard bags take the shape of a pillow when they are inflated. They are used between the voids that are up to 12” (30cm) wide. Ozdal Dunnage standard bags come in 4 different levels: L1, L2, L3&4, and L5 with a wide range of dimensions and are AAR verified.
the bags can be customized according to the request of the client .The Logo on the label  , print on the Poly wowen bag, etc..

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