Camera CKF-161MD-00 (CKK320-A65)

Product Id: 111338
Gtip: n/a
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Warranty Period: n/a
Monthly Production Capacity: n/a
Payment Type: n/a

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Camera CKF-161MD-00 (CKK320-A65), which is manufactured by Karel Aş, is located in Security and Protection sector in B2B import export portal Compnay Karel Aş's products and services include Camera CKF-161MD-00 (CKK320-A65), CKK220-A60 Box Camera, CKF-271MD-00 which can be found under sectors Security and Protection. You may contact Karel Aş in order to obtain detailed information related to Camera CKF-161MD-00 (CKK320-A65). You can get more information about companies that operate on exportation, importation, production and distribution of Camera CKF-161MD-00 (CKK320-A65) on out page. You can convey your special queries on warranty period, delivery conditions, unit price of Camera CKF-161MD-00 (CKK320-A65) through bysharing. Additionally, you can browse Access Control Systems and Products, Alarm, CCTV Products compaines located under Security and Protection sector.