Cafekeyf Strigo Ice Coffee

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Ice Coffee

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Liquid Ice Coffee with Milk

The production of "Liquid Ice Coffee" was the first domestic production of Turkey and the most difficult of the production process in the whole of the world. As a result, the investments that we have made with our Liquid Ice Coffee product in RE&DE and for the production band made it’s positive results and this is an indication of the work. We maintain our reputation as the first producer and seller of Liquid Ice Coffee product in Turkey. So, In Instant Turkish coffee sector, we are a leader on selling these products in Turkey and the Middle East.

As a result of our RE&DE studies and tests, the product that we have produced as Liquid Ice Coffee has been determined 12 months of shelf life. 

We’re working with the leading advertising agencies of our country in designing and creating the concept. You can also see that on the design lines of our products. Our agency has a lot of experienced advertisers in the field, such as design dressing, corporate identity and concept creation. Our main goal is; the partners that we’re working with, they’re able to make the most ideal presentation of products we sell.

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