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The quality of conveyor systems in quarries and mining sites is crucial in establishing a trouble-fr...

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Impact bars are fixed to the conveyors, where they are faced with bigger sizes of rocks. These bars are generally used under the loading part of conveyors to absorb high levels of impact energy, thus increasing the service life of conveyors. In addition, the impact rollers are used on the loading part of most conveyors to absorb medium levels of impact, improving the service time of conveyors.

Spillage creates extra labour costs at quarry sites. To reduce these costs and save time for focusing on more important jobs, we offer the most efficient conveyor sealing systems in our solutions. Our side rubber sealing system reduces material spillage and clean-up costs.

Slippage reduces the efficiency of a conveyor. Meka conveyors are equipped with rubber-lagged drums to prevent slippage by increasing the friction between belt and drum. Also, conveyor gearboxes have a holdback system to prevent conveyors from reversing when loaded, so this system has the added effect of protecting the equipment from damage.

Belt cleaning is indispensable for efficient conveyor operation, particularly when humidity levels are high. All Meka conveyors are equipped with abrasion-resistant polyurethane belt cleaners.

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