Aycup Paper Cup

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7 oz 175 ml cardboard cups are of high quality and disposable. It is produced by flexo printing technology. It is the most preferred product in horse culture. It is generally suitable for hot beverage consumption (tea, coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte.vs.) And can be used in cold beverages. It is produced in different models with standard printed pattern. Thanks to the raw material of the first grade used in its content, it does not disturb the taste of the drinks in any way. There is no risk of leakage and odor. Our product is economic and environment friendly. Energize provides a great deal of savings. Equivalents are healthier than plastic and foam cups. It is the most reliable and healthy product after the show. It is indispensable after being used and accustomed. Like many world countries, it is widely preferred in Turkey. There are many places that you can think of such as offices, workplaces, factories, hotels, special invitations, passenger transportations where fast life is experienced intensively.      Quickly supplied and ready to use.  You can get Price Information quickly with this Linkten with us.

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