Automatic Stirrup Bending Machine

Automatic Stirrup Bending Machine

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Warranty Period: 12
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Stirrup Bender

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Automatic Stirrup Bending Machine , which is manufactured by EMPO LTD ŞTİ, is located in Metal and Metallurgy Machinery sector in B2B import export portal Compnay EMPO LTD ŞTİ's products and services include Automatic Stirrup Bending Machine which can be found under sectors Metal and Metallurgy Machinery. You may contact EMPO LTD ŞTİ in order to obtain detailed information related to Automatic Stirrup Bending Machine . You can get more information about companies that operate on exportation, importation, production and distribution of Automatic Stirrup Bending Machine on out page. You can convey your special queries on warranty period, delivery conditions, unit price of Automatic Stirrup Bending Machine through bysharing. Additionally, you can browse Agriculture Machinery and Equipment, Apparel and Textile Machinery, Building Material Machinery compaines located under Machinery sector.

Model : ROBOMAT-2212

 Works with Raw Metarial :Coil

 Type of Wire : Ribbed & Smooth  

Production Capacity Singlewire  Φ10-12mm

                                    Doublewire Φ6–Φ8mm

Max. Bending opportunity :CW and CCW

Driving opportunity Backward Manual and Automatic Forward and Bacward       

 Rated power 2 servomotor 7.5+5.5 KW

Driving motor  7.5Kw (servo motor )

 Bending motor power 5.5 Kw Servo motor )

 Length tolerance +/- 1mm

 Bending tolerance ±1°

Straightening unit     X and Y axis with multiple rollers

Control unit      :Operator sensitive program, Shape can be easily created by  operator  helping with angles and length

Driving Unit      :Industrial type gear box by EMPO

Bending Unit    :Industrial type gear box by EMPO

Averageair-compressed consumption :6l/min

 Average-electric power consumption :6-8Kw

Compressor Needed 200 lt/min

Working Pressure (bar) :6Bar

Cutting   industrial gear box

Voltage              380V-50Hz-3Fhaze

Electric Switches                              Siemens

Servo Motors                                SEW Industrial

ServoDrivers                               SEW Industrial

Control Panel Type                     Touch Screen  15’’

Machine Dimensions(WxLxH)   1500mmx4600mmx1900mm

 Machine Weight                       2800Kg

Capacity /8hours

Φ8mmx20cmx50cm: 3.5-4Tones

Φ8mmx12cmx25cm: 2-2.5Tones