Artificial flower

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Artificial flowers are fake flowers made of materials such as silk, crumpled paper, PU, plastic, etc. In addition, It also use metal bars, glass tubes, blown paper, fiber filaments, decorative paper, ribbons, etc. No pollution or little pollution. Due to the elasticity of the material, it can be matched with the model of special height and shape, and it can always keep green color.

1.Don't need to worry about pollen allergies.

2.These artificial branches can be mixed or matched creatively in different ways for an ultra aesthetic looking.

3.Artificial flower sculpture is not restricted by conditions such as sunlight, air, moisture, and geography, and can be used under extreme conditions.

4.Artificial plants can be used for outdoor and indoor landscaping or decoration.

5.Dont need to water or fertilize, dont need to worry about the plant withering or dying, almost no maintenance cost.

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