ac 9 çini karo

Product Id: 200437
Gtip: 0
Minimum Order Quantity: 25
Warranty Period: 1
Monthly Production Capacity: 100000
Payment Type: Other, WesterUnion, L/C

ac 9 tile

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Price is 1 Piece

1 pqs = 25 pieces

20x20 cm in size with glazed ceramic Iznik pattern Kütahya mosque tile

Wall decoration

Tile patterned ceramic panel, mosque, masjid, mihrab, pulpit, and is used in the construction of the lectern

It is also used in Turkish bath decoration,

Products follow each other to form a panel design,

If desired, a frame can be made with tile border on the edges. It can also be used as a floor tile with special production.
Interior, Bathroom, Turkish Bath, Spa, Home, Villa, Palace, Office, Office, Interior Decoration, Hotel Lobby, Restaurant, Mosque, Masjid, Mihrab, Pulpit, Lectern, Outdoor, Window and door is suitable for use around the tile decorations.

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