Company Profile


Analitik Creative Agency Software Media was established in Ankara in 1996. Our company started its operations in the IT sector and continued its software activities as integrators with projects developed by itself due to their sensitivity to being "domestic and national". Our most important project B2B has played an important role for exporters in the fields of e-commerce and e-export. It provides premium foreign trade and export services to hundreds of companies every year while realizing a growth of at least 30%.

Our vision; with its extensive product and Company pool, it ensures that the companies and products that want to export are included in the world market. As an international e-commerce and e-export platform with its software developed in Turkey, the efforts of developing online and conventional exports are unique. with a national goal, it lays the foundation for each of our producers to have a share in cross-border trade, and for each of our producers to gain an export culture.

Our mission; it builds its mission on the keywords “manufacturing and exportation”. It enables small and medium-sized enterprises to grow especially in the foreign market and to reach new international customers. Bysharing with its name, it aims to expand the potentials of SMEs bysharing and to reach the relevant buyers. It is like an incubation center that speeds them to grow and become exporters by sharing their cross-border experiences with the Turkish exporter.