About Bysharing's History

Bysharing was founded in 2012 by four friends from the industry, manufacturing and information industry culture based in Ankara. is a "national and local" B2B e-commerce software project developed in our software office from our engineers including source code and frame. The founders of the company have set out with a vision of exporting value-added products produced in their own and organized industries to abroad. Bysharing creates demand pools in online environment in order to create more share in global market for small enterprises, manufacturers and value added producers. At this level, Kobilere has created channels for international sales and communication to exporters, producers and entrepreneurs.

In 2013, BySharing, a company headquartered in Ankara, has set up a professional team on technology and software and has received consultations from both domestic and international markets. In the same year, Kobilere in Istanbul started to provide direct field service by opening an office in Istanbul, the center of attraction of the business world, Skyport.

By opening liaison offices in Izmir, Istanbul and Antalya in 2014, we have begun to work to give users face to face to the existing regional members to gain users from the markets there. At the same time, China and Azerbaijan opened foreign liaison offices and provided services and support to the members of the countries concerned about regional market analysis in order to establish direct contacts in their foreign offices.

For more efficient and healthy information reaching of our mobile in 2015, we have made serious infrastructure and software revisions on our portal and have been renewed with an internationally accepted and trendy interface. In the same year, the current bill of lading information provided by robust sources was put into use by GTIP and the Konşimento information service, which we provide VIP users. In this process, our team of bilateral relations and commercial intelligence has invited guests from different countries continuously and invited visiting and buying delegations have been introduced to our member firms, B2B meeting, interpreting and consulting services and valuable commercial services have been given to the firms to sign voluminous commercial agreements.
By 2016, has continued to deliver efficient information to our customers by further improving the demand collection and tender service.

In line with the targets of 2023, they continued to work towards increasing exports and started to increase the number of users every day in more than 100 countries.