Project operation is a B2B e-commerce portal.  Bysharing the word "share" refers to the meaning. Turkey, along with the companies and products in the world market to have developed in each sector, including export and import, which is an organization that holds. on-site product diversity by sharing with the world aims to provide employment. offers which advantages?, thanks to Continuous RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT because of their high Alexa, Pagerank, your company makes it easier to be present on the Internet and your profile information in the sector ranking according to competitors would be higher. This is according to your company in the same industry you are located will provide a huge advantage in terms of.

Abroad, the important B2B e-commerce portals made your company record request will be published in this portal as your products. This means making companies export abroad will help you and will provide you with contacting with companies abroad.

Companies by clicking on to the site and will be sent via email that the claims for these companies have a priority to respond to. 70% of State support by the Ministry of economy.

  • Provides brand awareness.
  • E-commerce portal for companies in corporate and small business opens a new distribution channel.
  • The companies taking part in the world market of their products.


Export you want but you can't? ' s experienced and efficient foreign trade thanks to the team, you're the world's 7 continents today and 206 countries, collects and actual purchase demands we offer to our customers.

Export has never been so easy!

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Consulting Services consulting service, import and export of many bureaucratic permissions document for you to take a complex and laborious to prevent goals. Dear customers, our experienced team and experience to produce professional solutions offers consulting services. consulting services started from the moment thanks to its customers and developed services to local, regional and national level important successes in print and the name of the country's economy has largely contributed, too.




Bysharing. com of consulting support,

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consultancy,
  • Import consultancy,
  • Export consulting,
  • Customs legislation consultancy,
  • E-commerce strategy,
  • Digital media and marketing consulting,
  • Grant and support counseling.