B2B Export Import Portal Bysharing.com

In recent years, we have heard a lot in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, and the business model that we choose to share with middle-sized firms and end-users is a shared economy. Bysharing.com is also a kind of shared foreign trade ecosystem of exporters, importers, manufacturers, manufacturers and industrialists. Bysharing.com provides tens of thousands of companies from the industry with shared foreign trade services by offering purchase requisitions, sales requests and cooperation requests. "BySharing" is an online marketing instrument used to create a new sales channel for companies in the national and international markets, an online B2B market place that brings together manufacturers, manufacturers, industrialists and businessmen with their buyers. The basic logic in BySharing is very simple. On the one side are producers, on the other side are those who need these products and those who want to buy. On the other side, the buyers can produce the results such as bid collection, sample payment, purchase etc. by examining the parameters such as payment method, payment period, manufacturing - delivery time, delivery conditions, delivery conditions and warranty conditions bySharing company profile and product detail pages.

While BySharing.com, which operates in three departments, is based on system online foreign trade and product display, conventional and traditional foreign trade methods are also behind the continuous online work. For this reason, the BySharing team works on the basis of 3 main departments,

Unit 1 - Software Department
Unit 2 - Foreign Trade Department
Unit 3 - Digital Marketing Department.

Our department consists of software team. While this team makes continuous improvements within the system, they continue to develop new modules. These are modules such as bill of lading screen, product / market research report module, gtip inquiry screen, auction module. On the one hand, the data base that keeps the system up and running actively as server management. These are the background works of bysharing.com. We can call it the back of the iceberg.

Our department is our foreign trade department. This team conducts detailed and constantly live work such as gathering international market intelligence, generating purchase requests from different sectors, developing international trade associations and networks. As a result of extensive telephone interviews, video conferences and correspondence, our specialist foreign trade purchase requisitions are published in the BySharing purchase request module. Published requests are sent to bysharing member firmal mail. The firm member who is a premium member is directly transferred to the foreign trade consultant in the foreign trade consultancy. If our company is interested in the request, the technical specifications of the product, datasheets, and certificate information will be forwarded to the formally prepared English language proposal. In case of need, our member company's foreign trade assistant is working to make the bid as a result, that is to export it, by connecting to the company abroad by joint video conference or teleconference.

3. department is digital marketing department. This team growthacking work with google, yandex, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, commercial purchases searches on search engines like or new, cooperation requests "from Turkey Products to Buy", "Import from Turkey", "B2B e-commerce", " B2B marketplace, "and search engine optimization is conducted to searchers in wordgroups reaching the site bySharing.com. Thanks to this study, the bysharing.com site reaches organic visitors almost everywhere in the world. In this regard, BySharing creates a product, firm and demand pool that encompasses a wide geographical area from north africa, eastern europe, russia to south american.

Bsyharing.com which is the main target of domestic production to be exported, bsyharing.com medical equipment sector firms, machinery spare parts sector companies, machine spare parts manufacturers, supplier industry spare parts manufacturers, textile industry spare parts manufacturers, textile sector manufacturers and representatives who want to export their products with translation support , representatives of the packaging sector, manufacturers of work machines and equipments, manufacturers of hydraulic sector machines, all of the organized industrial zones companies can get services from bysharing.com. How to export, Customs legislation and procedures, affordable logistics and transportation, how to send samples to answer your questions in bysharing.com foreign trade department.