About the Project


obsticaret.com is a business to business e-commerce portal. Services that we insure for the member companies take place in the Gold membership section.

To explain in a detailed way, the advantages that come with membership are put in order below.

1)      By reason of the fact that obsticaret.com is at the top of Alexa and the other search engines, ranking of your company web site will be higher than the ranking in the sector in which your company is a part.
And thus, this will make you advantageous against the other companies in terms of availability.

2)      All your information (Company Profile, Products, References, Quality, Machine Park, Communication, upon membership, shall be translated into 7 languages and added on the web site. In this way, on the searches made in countries that use these languages, you will be provided with an advantage for your company, and also you will be able to use these translations on different materials.

3)      Your company shall be registered in other foreign B2B e-commerce portals and your products will be listed as requests.  This will help your company to export and insure to contact with foreign companies.

4)      You can utilise the interactive CD/ promotion film, which will be prepared for you, on meetings such as fair organisations as well as you can hand the printed CDs / DVDs out to your customers.

5)      As our portal has a high page rank, it will help your company web page to get higher ranking on search engines.

6)      You will be able to reach all current public tenders information by signing in to our system with the user name and password you will be given with the membership. This will help you participate in the public tenders which are important in terms of the interest of your sector.

7)      As the requests that are published on site will be sent to you via e-mail, you will have the priority to respond these companies.

8)      As the requests that your company has made will be published on the main page of our portal, your customer-reaching ration will be increased as well as you request will help you get higher ranking in search engines.

9)      Your products, too, will be shown on the main page of our portal for certain period of time. This will again provide your company with an advantage against other companies.

Professional photo shoots service that will be performed along with your membership transactions will help you publicize your products better as well as will enable you to to use them on other printed materials and web sites etc.