Yasatan Matbaacılık Ic Kutu Ve Kolı Uretımı

in your service since 1984


As Çağdaş Yaşatan; we have two 4 colour 70x100, one 4 colour 50x70, one 5 colour 50x70, two 1 colour 35x50 at total 20 units of printing machines, at computer form printing we have 280 cm 3 colour  Inline Rotary machine which is capable of  producing carton box and corrugated box at 4 colours printing from roll to pack, 2 colours printing from pack to pack; 3 programmable guillotine knifes, 3 Bobst Cutting Machines, 2 automatic cellophane machines, 2 lacquer machines, 8 stations automatic robout with 3 knifes, automatic sewing machine, 2 american binding machine one is 2 units other is 5 units at total 100 types of machines.

We have the biggest  facility in our region, 5th biggest in our country and  we are the only company whom has Food Compliance Certificate in the region.

We are producing corrugated boxes, parcels ,Baklava, cookie, strudel, pizza, pide boxes  and in typography business we are producing and selling; brochures, catalogues, promotions .