Unka Kozan Akdenız

Halva Kozan was established in 2004 in Kozan/Adana/Turkey, Ahmet ÜNÜVAR and Genc Osman ÜNÜVAR are owners of the company. Our company manufacturs Halva group; plain, chocolate, pistachio halvah
- Sesame paste (tahini)
- Molasses group; grapes, samphire, mulberry, carob,
- Jam group; strawberry, cherry, apricot, rose
- Lemonade
Our products are healthy, hygienic. we manufacture our products with approved certificate of Turkish Food Codex.we are presenting traditional tastes products and offers you delicious tastes.
We are moving without a break to become a global brand.we are using  technology combined with labor working in line and  we are compromising long-term goals .
our company is holding ISO 22000: 2005, ISO 9001: 2008,  halal food certificates.
Our values;
- You is essential to customer satisfaction.
- We have happy employees.
- Environmental're friendly.
- Social responsibility is important to us.
- We get our products to protect the natural environment
- We provide economic benefits to our consumers.