Teknopar Endüstriyel Otomasyon San. Ve Tic A.ş.


Teknopar was founded in 1996 in Ankara and continues to work in the field of AR-GE. Teknopar, which develops automation systems for industrial facilities, mobile applications, energy and defense industry sectors, is one of the leading companies in Turkey. To date, Teknopar has implemented more than 500 projects in approximately 30 countries and continues its new projects with great care.

The main objective of the company is to continue its activities by always keeping customer satisfaction in the forefront, not behind the technical developments in the global world. In all the work carried out to date, the quality of the work done and the timely delivery have increased the confidence that customers have in the company.

The company has the necessary infrastructure in terms of investment, design, engineering and quality, has ISO 9001: 2000 and CE certificates and has also developed useful models. Teknopar has implemented projects with many public institutions, industrial producers, academicians, large scale enterprises and SMEs in Turkey. It also belongs to professional organizations such as Vision2020, ACM and PMI.

In addition to its industrial facilities, Teknopar also designs and implements the defense industry, construction sector, energy sector, inter-machine communication, mobile applications, customized production and automation, information technology.

Teknopar, rising at a great speed in its field, has the necessary machinery, equipment, production area, experienced engineers and specialized technicians. The company has already implemented many successful projects in the area of ​​expertise.

Industrial Facilities
Teknopar offers complete solutions as a single contractor for the design, application and installation of mechanical, electrical, electronic and hydraulic systems of industrial plants. By closely monitoring the information technologies, our latest developments incorporate our industrial applications and are compliant with the Industry 4.0 standard. Developed and applied industrial projects are planned to provide customer satisfaction both economically and technically.

In applications for industrial facilities, importance is given to the use of energy saving as well as quality and reliability.

The fields and sectors in which the firm mainly operates are as follows:

Steel pipe
Iron and Steel and Rolling Mill
Press Machines
Sheet and Profile Sanding
Machine Tools Hydraulic Systems