Şehrekmek Unlu Mamüller San. Ve Tic. A.ş.

Our company was established in Istanbul in 1998 in order to provide the necessary equipments for production, distribution and distribution to meet the needs of regular, cheap, healthy and quality bread. From 1998 to 2013, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has performed sales and logistics services of İHE Cebeci bread factory. The first production started in 2005 at its own facilities in Konya.

Yeruz is the production and distribution of industrial bread. Our main products are wheat bread and whole wheat bread, two of the most preferred bread types. Our daily capacity is 150.000 units in Konya and we are working on new investments to increase capacity.

As Şehrekmek, it is producing within the Food Safety Management System. In order to develop and support the nutrition habits of the community, we are constantly striving to carry out R & D studies and product diversification activities.

Rye, whole wheat, rushy, etc. To increase the product range with packaged breads, and to provide the public's commitment through quality, hygienic and economical products.

We want to offer safe and high quality products to our customers in accordance with national and international regulations and with respect to human health by using the possibilities provided by technology.

Şehrekmek with these characteristics is an example in Turkey. Şehrekmek is a pioneer company in the bakery sector, with healthy and hygienic production together with qualified staff.