Şakalak Tarım Makinaları San. Ve Tic. A.ş.

Having been established in 1975, Şakalak Agricultural Machines is just beside our farmers with their products which are the pioneer of the quality for about a quarter of a century…  

Without giving any concession from the product and service mentality since the day it was established, Şakalak is now at the position of being the base of the region on the agricultural machine production. Having a production line based on the automation from the manufacturing to oven dying with mainly the latest technology CNC machine group, laser cutting machines, robot welding machines, Şakalak carries on its activity in the Konya 3rd Organized Industrial Zone.

Şakalak agricultural machines is of the capacity to produce all sorts of products which are the technology products mainly CEREAL AND COMBINED CEREAL SEEDER, PNEUMATIC PRECISION SEED PLANTERS, SEMI-AUTOMATIC PLOW ASSEMBLY, PLOW WITH DISC, PROFILE CHASSIS PLOW WITH DISC, FLAT-IRON CHASSIS PLOW WITH DISC. 

Carrying on its production with staff who are of specialists in their field and having a team spirit, exportation occupies the major percentage of the manufacture of the Şakalak Machine. Dispatching their products to all over the world, mainly to Northern Africa, Balkan countries and the Turki Republics, Şakalak is of a widespread sale network in the home country and experiences the righteous pride to have its name mentioned in both the home country and foreign country. 

Like all of us who know that none of the success is based on coincidences, Şakalak A.Ş. has shown its sensitivity on this issue by getting the experience reports from the S.U. Faculty of Agriculture, the Agricultural Machines department and TSE Competency for Production for all its products. 

Importing especially the disc sheets of the plows with disc and the important parts of like blade, knife and lobes of the plow assembly which are subject to corrosion from the Europe, all machines of the Şakalak A.Ş have reached to a production line at the world standards. Our farmers now feel comfortable and their product is productive with the technology product machines of Şakalak. 

Offering their products they have manufactured to the farmers through Agricultural credits cooperatives, Sugar beet Cooperatives, agents, contact offices and factories directly, Şakalak A.Ş. looks at the future with hope and trust; their new progress targets with their quality and technology understanding together with you. 

Şakalak Machine is a company which aims at providing our farmers;

- The maximum earning with the minimum cost...